We take the safety of you and your family very seriously. Let our friendly service professionals improve your home electrical safety by installing new residual-current devices (RCDs) to help prevent electrical hazards in your home or business today.

Rest easy tonight.... Safeguard against potentially traumatic electrical fires, shock injuries and electrocution with home electrical safety solutions from Mr. Electric Bournemouth.

At Mr. Electric Bournemouth we take you and your family's safety seriously, and we want to make sure that your home is protected from electrical hazards. Call Mr. Electric Bournemouth on 01202 468789 for an appointment today!

Electrical hazards that can lead to serious injury often go undetected because electricity occurs silently behind the scenes.  Many of these involve items you unconsciously use every day. It is important to recognise hazards before they cause a serious injury, disability or fatality.

Are you at risk of being electrocuted?

Electrocution occurs when the body provides the most direct pathway for electrical current to reach the ground. If a residual-current devices (RCD) is installed in the home, electrocution can be prevented. A RCD detects any change in electrical current and abruptly switches off the power before electrocution can occur. Not only are RCDs a great way to protect you from potential electrocution, the National Electrical Code requires RCD protection for most outdoor receptacles, bathroom receptacle circuits, garage wall sockets, kitchen receptacles, and ALL receptacles in crawl spaces and unfinished basements. Is your home protected with RCDs?

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