Have complete control of your heating with LightwaveRF

In the winter the thing we want most for our homes is warmth. But heating your home comes at a price, and when you are heating your whole house every day, the price can tally up quite a lot. With LightwaveRF, you can now control and monitor your heating and cut down your energy bills every day.

Whether you have central heating or electric radiators, LightwaveRF can be used within your home. You can zone your heating with the electric radiator switch or the radiator valve. This means that you can stop heating empty rooms and then begin to warm them up again all from your phone. This would save you lots on your energy bills as there will be no more unnecessary energy used. You can also turn the radiators on as you leave work so you come back to a toasty home.

The LightwaveRF thermostat also works in the exact same way as a normal thermostat. You can set schedules for your heating to turn on and off at certain times and set it to whatever temperature you want. You can adjust these either with the thermostat itself or via the LightwaveRF app.

You can also place magnetic sensors on your windows to save even more on your energy bills. If you open a window whilst your heating is on, it means a lot of wasted heat. With these magnetic sensors, your radiators will know to turn off as soon as you open your windows and to turn back on when you close it.

Take control of your heating and your energy bills with LightwaveRF! If you have any questions or need any advice about the LightwaveRF heating range, give Mr. Electric a call!