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EV Charging can be made simpler by installing a dedicated charging station at home, but there are a few things you may need to know to ensure you are being as safe as you can.

Do I need to install a charger if I have a cable already?

By only using the cable that comes with the EV will eventually lead to wear and tear, so we recommend you keep it as a back-up and use a wall charger instead. Charging becomes more convenient as you will be able to pull up and plug in, whilst also improving the longevity of the cable, which can then be used for those emergency situations that arise.

Is an EV charger safer than using a normal socket?

Yes, as the EV Charger is wired directly into the fuse board it doesn’t create any additional load on other wiring or circuits which could occur using a domestic plug socket

Are home chargers more effective than a cable?

Yes they are. Using the cable with a regular wall outlet can draw up to 2kW, whilst the car charger will draw up to a minimum of 3.7kW reducing the amount of time to complete a full charge by hours.

What about adverse weather?

Most units are weatherproof ensuring that even if installed outside there is minimal chance of damage occurring. If you are using a cable, there might not be appropriate waterproof casing where the plug socket is located, which could be potentially dangerous.



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